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Many of you know me as an artist of many colors, though what you may not know is that I am also a coach! On top of the creative work I do, I’ve also been a coach for over 8 years. My work as a coach began when I volunteered as a counselor on my time off which then expanded into self development work with a slew of renowned organizations where I became certified, and it has continued to develop from there. Over the years I have coached everyone from Actors, Writers, Singers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Business people, people looking to expand their self development/awareness in order to live a more fulfilled life, and people simply wanting to live the life of their dreams.




I believe to be a master at anything in life, you must also learn to be the master of yourself.  If we think about an artist in the standard sense, they use various tools. A painter uses a canvas, paint, and brushes. A musician uses either their voice, a piano or guitar etc. A writer uses a pen or a computer. The photographer uses a camera. These are all objects for the most part outside of ourselves. The storytellers instrument IS one’s self. That said, the tool we must sharpen is our own, it is ourself. Just as a piano must be tuned perfectly to play , so must YOU be perfectly tuned and in working order to create what it is that is alive in you out in the world. 


So my approach to coaching is always to understand our physical, mental, emotional self, and well being in order to be the best instrument for your unique craft/ self. Because they are one in the same. 


I believe that the thing between you and your dreams isn’t your talent or ability as some would have you think. In fact, I believe your talent is only 25% of what will get you to achieve your dreams. The rest is the tools, drive, knowledge, and confidence to get there. With the right guidance, support, and motivation, ANYTHING is possible. Including your wildest dreams! So let's get started today! Because the life of your dreams is waiting for you to reach out and grab it!

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